You Should Write Code Outside Your Day Job

Focus on breadth instead of depth.

Oren Cohen
3 min readNov 11, 2022


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Let’s imagine you’re considering two candidates for a Backend Engineer Position. One candidate is super experienced with Python and has deep language knowledge. The other isn’t as proficient in Python but has experience with Kubernetes, Docker, Bash Scripts, and more. Who would you take? Most hiring managers would pick the one with the most extensive breadth of knowledge for one reason: saving time.

You need to start writing code outside your day job because doing so will increase your breadth of knowledge. Aside from opening more job opportunities, you would also have more tools to make your software ideas a reality. And you would also have the opportunity to teach these things to other people for extra profit. Let’s dive into these more in-depth.

Write Code Outside Your Day Job to Increase Your Knowledge

Unless you’re working as a Full-Stack Engineer, you’re “limited” to either backend or frontend code in your day job. And while it’s true that a senior backend engineer or a senior frontend engineer could make a lot of money, focusing on one “niche” or code has its downsides, too.

If you do decide to remain within the confines of your job description, at least increase your breadth of knowledge in that space. If you code in Angular, learn React. If you code in Python, learn NodeJS. That would open more opportunities should you decide to refresh your day job.

Write Code Outside Your Day Job to Make Your Dreams a Reality

If you’re willing to learn new technologies and skills outside Your day job, you’ll be able to make more of your dreams come true. For example, if you want to build a website, you need to know how to launch a server and build a frontend, CSS for design, hosting, and more.

If you’re not learning those technologies, you’re bound to stay in your lane or pay money for other people to realize your dreams. That’s an option, too, especially if you’re a well-paid software engineer. But I’m assuming you’re focused on freedom if you’re here. Learning those skills would grant you the freedom to build what you want exactly as you…



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