You Should Invest Money In An Emergency Fund

An Emergency Fund changes your entire outlook on money. Here’s why you need one and how to set it up.

I Searched For Ways To Cover My Expenses

“I knew this was entirely my fault for not planning correctly or sooner. I didn’t answer phone calls, and I left my credit cards (I had more than one) at home. Anxiety was a close friend during those days.”

My Pension Money Was The Only Solution

The Bank and Credit Card Companies Wanted Their Money — Fast

The Benefits Of An Emergency Fund

Set up Your First Emergency Fund

1. Figure Out Your Monthly Payments

2. Put Twenty Percent Of Your Salary Into The Fund

3. Your Emergency Money Need To Be Available 24/7

4. Stop Depositing When You Have A Full Salary

5. Update Your Emergency Fund As Your Salary Grows

6. Make An Emergency Fund For One Year

Congratulations, You’ve Set Your Emergency Fund Successfully!

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