Where Should You Publish Your Creations on The Internet?

Does the platform matter as much as the content? (Spoiler: It doesn’t)

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Where should you publish your stories, blog posts, or perhaps just ideas you want to share with the world?

Many people’s first answer to this question would be — Social Media. And they would be right — with a caveat.

Publishing a picture from an event on Facebook is like flushing down the toilet. You will never see or hear about this water and its contents ever again. Of course, there is always a chance of flooding. But it’s rare.

Don’t think about the platform. The platform is only a means to direct the packaging of your content. Instead, think about the value of what you’re about to publish. Even if only a handful of people will see your post — would they tag someone and say, “Hey, this is helpful”?

On the other hand, what if you’re going to publish an original fantasy story on social media? Like every story — some will connect, and some won’t. That’s perfectly fine.

As long as you make your content easy to digest and with a clear intention towards your reader — you will always succeed. You have to stay consistent to see results.

Imagine going to a public square that has a notice board. That notice board is free to use, but the cleaner removes everything from it each morning. If you get your notice on it consistently throughout the week, people will read it. Only some will react to it, but they will notice you.

The next question you need to ask yourself is what to do once someone likes your work and wants to see more of you.

It would be best to have a home on the internet. Ideally, a personal blog, but if you can’t afford that and don’t have an audience anyway, a publication on Medium.com can work well. It’s free to use, and if your writing is good, Medium will even find you more readers (they do not sponsor me).

Some would argue that starting your journey with Medium is even a better option. Medium’s distribution channels will help you find an audience for your work that you can then funnel to your preferred social media channel or your blog. It’s a matter of personal choice. The core lesson remains: provide value to people, and you will succeed, no matter the platform.

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