What Does it Mean to Be Free?

Exploring what Freedom means and how to gain it in 2022.

Oren Cohen


Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

What is freedom? Is it being able to wake up whenever you want? Is it being free of bosses or managers? Each of us defines freedom differently.

For me, freedom has always been about money. For Years I have struggled with loans and credit cards. And it was my own fault. Even when I got raises at work, somehow my overall total debt kept growing. And carrying something like that around is stressful. It becomes a chain on your neck that is a point of consideration in everything you do. Want to date? Well, how do you tell them you have so much debt? Want to leave your job? You can’t. There’s no universe where you can survive even one month without an income coming in.

Let’s Make It a Hero’s Journey

My starting position is very low. I’m still living with my parents because I can’t afford to rent my own place. I’m not in a relationship because even when I did date, it was kind of a dealbreaker. And at some point I gave up on trying to find someone who would accept me with my huge chain. And I can’t blame them. No woman wants to start a family with no ability to achieve the important milestones of life like owning a home or being able to afford a child. My body also reflects the amount of chronic stress my debt…