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Dragon Crowns is where I’ll finally express all those years of fantasy in my head.

Oren Cohen
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Welcome, dear reader! My name is Oren Cohen, and I’m a software engineer and content creator. Before I took the mantle of content creator, I called myself a writer and a blogger.

On my writing path, there are many corpses of drafts — all set in the same world — Terra’Yesh. One I founded in around 2011. The idea came to me while reading Dune, and then when I read Nine Princes of Amber, I was drawn even further into fantasy.

On my fantasy reading journey lie the Mistborn series, Stormlight Archive, A Song of Ice and Fire, and much more. Brandon Sanderson has been one of the most impactful writers for me as a reader and a writer.

But I guess books weren’t the only thing affecting my love of the genre — video games were also part of that. Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and The Witcher are all fantastic worlds I love dearly.

So, what am I doing with this publication? Let’s talk about that next.

The main aim of this publication is to share weekly chapters from my first book in this world — The Forgotten Temple. The chapters I will share are drafts and should be considered as such.

One way to prevent me from being influenced by your comments is to close the chapters to paid members until I have published at least two following chapters. Meaning a chapter becomes public three weeks after its initial publication. If you’re willing to become a paid member to read the chapters early, that would be amazing, and I will cherish your support for this book.

My Patrons on Patreon will also get access to read the books early.

One thing I love to do is world-build in Terra’Yesh. So, I plan to write short stories in this world or even lore dumps. Those would be free from the start and will not live under a paywall from their initial publication like the actual chapters of my book.

Those could include short stories from my imagination or even guest posts from people who want to contribute to Terra’Yesh!

When enough people have contributed to this publication through paid subscriptions, I aim to re-invest that money into the publication and get some art commissioned for scenes you loved or even commission short stories from other writers set in Terra’Yesh to expand the world.

Out of everything I wrote above, my one promise for you is to write a new chapter every Sunday (unless it’s a holiday and I’m offline). I will not prioritize ancillary content above getting a chapter done and sent to you.

If you have any questions, let me know, and I’m happy to amend the post or reply in the comments or e-mail.

Thank you for being here, and may Cornelius light your path.

Originally published at https://www.dragoncrowns.com on April 9, 2023.



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