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Yehuda and Maya Devir

We Should Express More Feelings Through Art

Art imitates life, right?

In our contemporary world, I see a lot of Art created with the intent of making a statement or sharing an idea. The idealistic or statement Art is mostly seen when there are elections, for example. Not everyone agrees with the candidates, and these people (the artists in the group) use Art to show their disagreement.

Emotional Art is different. People use it to express their feelings. Picture a woman looking at a train disappearing into the horizon with tears in her eyes. Won’t you feel her sorrow? Maybe there was someone important to her on that train? Maybe she missed it and a dream that could have come to life only by taking it? You would feel her sorrow but fill in the ‘’ of it from your imagination.

Emotional Art resonates with everyone.

That is the type of Art that Yehuda Adi Devir, an artist, creates for a living on Patreon. He and his wife, Maya, have been creating these pieces for a while now.

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Yehuda Adi Devir

Their art portrays bits of their life. Special moments that each of us can relate to.
I reached out to Yehuda, who is a good friend, and asked for permission to share his works so I can share the idea that stands behind them.

We need more Emotional Art in our lives. It helps us unite, understand, feel.

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Yehuda Adi Devir

So, if you’re an artist, I urge you — create more Emotional Art. The type of art that evokes love, passion, laughter, sadness and the emotional need of the viewer. Share it on Social Media. It may get swallowed by the void of content but if you persist, you will change people’s lives.

Creating art that helps someone ‘understand’ is individualistic and confusing.

Also, by no means when I say Art do I mean only paintings and digital pictures. Emotional Art includes the written word or Music or any other art form as well.

And if you’re not an artist, that’s OK. You can enjoy the works of people like Yehuda who makes me smile every time I view his art — .

Follow Yehuda on Instagram and Patreon.

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