Twitter’s Downfall is Exactly What Elon Wants

But not for the reasons you think.

Oren Cohen
3 min readNov 18, 2022


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Twitter has a knack for Doom-Scrolling, and that’s probably how you found this article. Welcome to my humble abode on the internet. You probably want me to explain what I mean by this title, so let’s get right to it.

Twitter’s downfall is precisely what Elon wants because we define downfalls in different ways. For Musk, Twitter’s downfall means erasing people’s perception of Twitter as it was under the previous management. When Twitter rises from the ashes — no one will doubt that this new Twitter is made in Elon’s vision. For us, downfall means a different thing.

Twitter’s downfall in the common eye is simply the shutdown of Twitter. We’ve seen it with Vine and MySpace, and some people are even rooting for it to happen to Twitter. Here are some reasons why it’s not going to happen.

Musk Can Replace Twitter’s Engineers With His Other Employees

Tesla’s employees have already been helping with the Twitter code reviews. There’s no reason that some of them would temporarily be allowed to help with Twitter problems if they coincide with their expertise.

Also, those employees are already under Musk’s employment, and they don’t present an additional expense for him.

The Twitter Employee “Crisis” is Probably Exaggerated

Both SpaceX and Tesla have more employees than Twitter started with. Do you see them crumbling under his management? Twitter is drowning every second that it’s not breaking even under its expenses, and that’s why Musk acts as he is. Yes, Musk came in blazing, and for some people, that’s a big no-no, so they left (even after they survived the layoffs). But does that mean everyone is miserable and working under inhumane conditions? Probably not. The worst that can happen if you don’t help get Twitter out of the rut it’s in is you’ll be fired and with above-average benefits.

If Twitter Fails It Would Happen Slowly

Nothing On Twitter, besides Verification and moderation, has needed active human intervention. Those systems can continue to operate. They won’t…



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