The Reason Why Rich People Love Loans

And how to use it to jumpstart your writing career.

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ay 23rd of NaNoWriMo and I haven’t even crossed 10k words yet in my fantasy novel. Damn it, Oren, how will you ever get published like this? I thought.

It’s like this every day. I’m always thinking about how to get out of this quicksand trap that is my financial debt. How can you realize your dreams when you’re bothered by survival?

I have so many book ideas, but I also have a debt of around 40K dollars. I’m working full-time and lots of after-hours, too. When do you find the time to do something for you, and how do you find peace of mind to do it?

At some point, I invested most of my time here on Medium. When I realized Medium is a long game, I continued to write here but subconsciously decided to write less than my first months here. Consequently, I don’t earn a lot from the MPP.

Jumping from one project to the next is not foreign to me. I usually do it if I have an intuition that it will be great. Most of the projects I started are pretty high on the coolness chart. Nevertheless, then they stay bare while I shift my focus when I realize the idea wouldn’t solve my financial problem. At least not in the short term.

Brainstorming new things has been extremely beneficial for my creativity. However, leaving a trail of unfinished business has not been so kind to my Mental Health. I’m not feeling so good with myself when there open projects that aren’t getting attention.

This has been affecting my sleep, my relationships, my health. I never knew black circles under one’s eyes could become so familiar. It’s like they are part of my face now and will never leave.

I was checking Udemy to see the stats for the course I had published there almost ten months ago. I haven’t made more than a hundred dollars there yet, and my debt keeps on pounding on the inside of my mind.

This time, as I accessed the site from my computer, I saw Udemy offering some related courses. I had looked at writing courses not too long ago — you can never know too much about writing — and therefore, I got those suggestions. One of them caught my attention when it explained how to get big on kindle without writing your own books.

started going through the course material, skimming because, of course, I can’t afford to dive deep. The instructor had talked about non-fiction books, which I am not writing, but I still found it useful.

He explained how you only need to come up with an idea or at least a Table of Content for a ghostwriter, and the ghostwriter takes all the load of actually writing your book for you!

Now, it’s not that I wasn’t familiar with ghostwriting up to that point, I was I just never thought I would use it for my own writing. Should I? The thoughts swam in a sea of doubt, and hope appeared beyond the clouds.

I don’t have to publish under my own name, but at least the fantasy world will get developed while I also earn money to pay my debt. It seemed like a no-brainer only where will the money to pay these ghostwriters come from?

So, basically, I was taking a risk here. I have debt that I need to pay off every month. If I pay for ghostwriting, that will decrease my budget for spending on other stuff. Up until here is all well and good.

What happens later?

he Amazon Kindle store is making Amazon a lot of money every day. I figured if I can earn what the books will cost, at least I broke even, and from that point on, any income is profit. Otherwise, I was stepping backward in my debt journey.

Paying for the ghostwriters with my credit card (which is pretty much the same as taking a loan) will set me back on payments, but it wouldn’t destroy me. I won’t be seeing any money from this until I have at least a dozen books published. And even then, it would be peanuts at the beginning.

But you know what? Let’s explore the positive side: I could grow my tribe that way. I could then let them know whenever a new book is out. That would make me some money at least.

One day I may find myself breaking even with the ghostwriter cost. From that point on, I may become like that instructor that explained how he made 200k from books he never wrote.

I’m not expecting 200k; I’ll tell you that. I do, however, want extra money each month, say 1k dollars, to put towards my loans. There are millions of people on amazon every day. Perhaps once I have some books out, the journey towards a better future will not look so hazy or uncertain.

That will be the moment I not only understand but relate to how rich people use loans. It’s the right way to do it. You return the loan (or credit) payment from your earnings as soon as you can, and you have a new income stream that is becoming profitable.

This is a crazy journey, but I have decided to take it. I’m making a video with my phone that will explain to writers I’m about to hire how my fantasy world works.

I also can put out books, not in my genre. They don’t have to be under my name to make me money.

Some of you may ask, then why books? Why do all this business? Why not upgrade your job? Well, the easy answer is that I love writing, and I wanted to make it a part of my life. The harsh answer is that I don’t have enough time to do something less than best.

bank account is still not full. I’m not making millions, and I’m still struggling with debt. But, for a long time, I haven’t felt hope. People read many books. I still believe there is a place for someone like me to join in on the fun with Kindle.

You know what? I’m not even set on making millions with this system. I only want to make a few thousand dollars and then finally sit down in peace to write my book.

I used platforms like Fiverr and Upwork to find good people, and so far, it’s going pretty well. I have already paid on my credit card for a few ghostwriting projects, and now they’re in progress.

I have a good feeling about this. I don’t know why, but for some reason, it seems like I’m on the right path. Amazon KDP pays every two months — meaning 60 days after the month’s earnings.

I may not have a lot of time to do all this work by myself, but I’m going to try. The best I can do is pay off the entirety of my debt. Otherwise, I will just extend my financial jail.

Now I understand how rich people feel and why it’s so lucrative to use loans. Use a loan to create something that could potentially earn you back that money. Never take a loan to cover other debt. That never works.

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