The Humor Games — Chapter 1

Blame Katie Marovitch for this.


How did this even happen so suddenly? It was all Katie’s fault for wondering on the CH podcast what it would be like if they were all playing the Hunger Games. He wanted to take her out first. He gazed over all of them waiting for it to start. They were all determined to survive. Just yesterday they all laughed over some dumb article from the internet and brainstormed over new show ideas for Dropout. The bell would chime any moment and they would start slaughtering each other. It was time to awaken that dark side of him again. That dark side that ruled over him when he killed Pat or when he killed that dumb show’s host, or when he tried to kill all his friends in that writing resort. ‘Right, Mike, allegedly. You only killed them, allegedly.

Grant would not need to be dealt with. He would just fall somewhere and break his neck or stuff his head into a beehive. Ally, on the other hand, demonstrated competence very well during Total Forgiveness. He knew Ally had to be eliminated immediately and they would not hesitate to kill him given the chance. They did almost kill Raph but they beat him so bad he doesn’t even remember what he saw.

Katie was a serious threat. She would remain one of the last to go if he didn’t take her out quickly. Katie was looking at him straight in the eye and he sent her a small nod.

Raph was looking rather confused. He kept looking around and at everyone. Trapp believed he would survive for at least the middle of the game because he’s poor. His days on the streets probably taught him to survive in harsh environments.

Jess was looking uncharacteristically calm. What was she even doing here? He thought she was going to help administer the whole thing as the ‘mom’ of the group.

“Ok, everyone ready?” Jess said and received nods from people. “I’m going to go tell them you’re ready. Good luck!” She went to the hut that stood near them and Sam opened the door to greet her. She told him something and went into the hut. he looked at everyone and the expression on his face was even sadder than when Grant came late to the office that fateful day. Trapp knew Sam cared about everyone like his children. He wondered if Sam ever tried to stop this from happening.

Trapp looked at the rest of the people, there was no time left and he needed to come up with a strategy.

The next in line was Brennan. He would be tough. Brennan is very nice to people and looks very gentle, but Trapp would not be surprised if he would have secretly devised a plan to wipe out everyone. DMs can be extremely challenging to their players, they think fast and plan well, and someone on the discord calls Brennan the best DM in the world. He would need to keep an eye out for him.

Rekha was hovering in the air slightly above the ground. That was an unfair advantage. Who knew flying was something that people could learn to do? She can’t fly forever and he would need to find a way to take care of her when she’s down.

Siobhan was looking around. she would need to be taken care of quickly. Otherwise, she would do something either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid.

Lily and Tao were… Trapp realized he didn’t know them well enough to decide. they were a wildcard in this game. Their apparent looks towards each other were proof enough they were in this together. He will need to separate them somehow to take care of each one.

Trapp felt sorry for the need to kill them but this was their world now — the world where he kills them all and becomes the winner of this contest and consequently very famous. They all already accepted the fact he was a shitty bitch. Everything twisted to reach this moment and entertain people. He just wished The Humor Games was not something people considered entertainment.

The bell rang.

Trapp tightened the grip on his Katana and shifted his balance on the grassy ground. It was time to slaughter.


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