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The Dragon Gamer Lives

An introduction.

Welcome to The Dragon Gamer. This publication is the home of stories about Fantasy and Video Games. It was born as part of an idea.

I’ve always liked Fantasy stories. Even as a child, I liked TV shows and books about Fantastic aspects like Dragons, for example.

Most recently, I’m in the process of building a Fantasy world ruled by Dragon Gods. To do that, I’ve tried to picture what does it feel like to be a Dragon God. I’ve decided to put my body aside and imagine for one day that I am a Dragon. A humanoid Dragon, like my godly dragons, but still a dragon. I could have a tail if I wanted to. Have super strength and spit fireballs. So I started my day at work and remarked to myself how absurd it might seem to see a mighty muscular Dragon sitting by a desk and writing code.

Then, when returning from work, I wondered to myself why do people on the bus don’t take a second look at my heavenly Dragon body. I let their ignorance slide.

Later that evening, I sat to play some video games. I completely forgot it’s “Dragon Day” when I came out of the shower. I was weak and chubby again. My Dragon spirit washed away with the water. Or was it?

So I played, I enjoyed myself and had a ton of fun. I remembered then that I am a Dragon. My Dragon spirit did not vanish; it just rekindled. It felt so natural to be both a Dragon and a Gamer, hence the name of this publication.

It celebrates being both a Dragon and a Gamer and having fun!

What you will find in this publication is mostly short stories, fantasy, game reviews and so on. You will also see posts about dragon life and my Fantasy Setting that I am creating.

You are encouraged to submit stories to this publication! Even more so stories that portray a person becoming a Dragon.

Thank you so much for visiting!

Dragon on,

Oren Cohen is a Software Development Engineer, Gamer, Geek, and Writer. He is writing in all sorts of topics on Medium, though his passion lies with Fantasy and Video Games.

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Engineer, Dragon lover, and Blogger. He/Him. @theorencohen on Social Media. Visit my home:

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