Tell This Story To Yourself Every Day In The Mirror

And see your self-image change forever.

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For a long time, I have scoured that one article that will help me get rid of all my fat. That one article that holds all the answers. Well, I hate to break it to you — it doesn’t exist!

No one can give you a magic formula to make all of your fat disappear. No one will ever be able to change something only you have control over — how you take care of your body. It took me years to realize it.

Now, let me ask you something: Does your excess fat define you? Do you call yourself fat? Do you think “fat” is how people react to you?
Do you accept the fact that the way you look is temporary and can change all the time? I’m talking about people who do not have health issues that result in excess fat. That is an entirely separate issue.

Think about that for a while and come. I want you to join me for a little journey.

It’s morning. You wake up in a dark room. This place is not your home, and that room leads only to one place — your body wardrobe.

You get up from your bed and go into the next room. You see yourself in the mirror, naked and pure. Each morning, you can barely recognize yourself. This body is a muscular version of you. Your abs, your thighs, your chest, your manhood. All muscled up and supple, energetic.

Take a moment to admire yourself in the mirror. Then go to the wardrobe to the side of the room and open it. There are bodysuits inside. Skin and fat accompanied by a zipper that you must wear each morning before you start your day.

You hate doing that. Wearing that skin suit drops your motivation, makes you tired, and you rarely like it. But you have to. Otherwise, you’re stuck in this dark room.

So you reluctantly slip into the suit and wear the flabby skin on top of your muscular one. You pull the fat arm on top of your muscular arm, the same with your legs, and finally, you pull the zipper up and wear the head. When you look through the holes in the mask, the darkened room is no longer there; you are back in your apartment and can now start your day.

The cycle returns every morning.

What happens when you tell this story to yourself every morning? At some point, you realize that you are, in fact, a muscular person hiding under a bodysuit of fat. It does not define you.

It is common knowledge that fat is mostly a layer on top of your own core muscle body and organs, yet overweight men live their entire lives full of shame because they and society call them fat and define them by how their bodies look at a certain point in their lives. Kids have bullied me at the high school for being a fat kid after epilepsy meds made me gain weight.

If you were to remove most of your fat right now and leave only the necessary bits, you would realize that you are, in fact, a muscular human being. Many overweight men are mighty. They could easily rival a bodybuilder. But they believe their fat defines them.

The problem with many of us overweight men is that we take our current body form and say — this is me. This body of mine represents my self. Then when you work out and don’t achieve the body of your dreams, you blame yourself and think you are not good enough. That’s not true.

Excess fat might represent the problems we’re dealing with — stress, depression, eating disorders, et cetera. But do I naturally want to be overweight? No, Definitely not. Being overweight is not who I am; it’s a consequence of my actions.

If you think of yourself as a muscular man, no matter how much fat you have on you at the moment, you will realize you are a muscular man. You will decide as a muscular man. For example, muscular men go to the gym. Muscular men eat junk food only when they push themselves so hard that they deserve a cheat.

Muscular men want to push the boundaries of their bodies further and further. Muscular men attempt to learn about how their bodies work every day. You are a muscular man, but the fat is blocking you from seeing it.

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I started thinking like a muscle man a few weeks ago. It’s been an exciting experience. It’s that kind of mindset when ideas like watching Netflix on a treadmill come up.

That’s when you decide that you will try the intermittent fasting and make sure that your sugar-free coffee in the morning does not ruin your fasting (it doesn’t.)

That’s when you weigh yourself on the scale and realize you lost 5 kilograms in 3 weeks with no training. Only tweaking when you eat and give up on junk food every day.

Above all, thinking like a muscle man means realizing this is the only body you will ever have, and you might as well optimize how you use it. Going up the stairs and getting breathless is a considerable inconvenience.

I think if overweight men realize they are more than their outside appearance, it will turn the tide against obesity in America or anywhere else. Nature designed our bodies to be lean, athletic hunters. Don’t let yourself forget you are more than how your body looks. The daily body-wearing story is an excellent place to start.

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