Stop, You Don’t Need To Add The Whole World On Facebook!

It will not make you famous or less lonely.

When I started writing short stories on Facebook, I figured I need a crowd. So I added friends from the “People You May Know” tab. I didn’t personally know a single one of them.

I sent so many friend requests

People started accepting my friend requests, and the dopamine began pouring into my brain. I thought, wow! So many new people to interact with!

Then, I tried it out

So, I posted a short story I had written a few days prior. It wasn’t heavily edited, but it was nonetheless readable enough.

I started finding excuses to make it work

I started telling myself; maybe these people are not my crowd (which they weren’t). Perhaps I should unfriend some of them and replace them with new people (Nope, that’s naivety again).

Accepting the truth was bitter

So, after “fighting” the algorithm by manually going to like my IRL friends’ posts and unfollowing(or unfriending) some of the more prolific new friends, my feed was somewhat back to what it was before I added these people though not in a perfect way. Facebook still tries to introduce me to someone new with posts I don’t recognize.

I resigned myself to pay for exposure

Instead of using my private facebook account to share my writing — I opened a facebook page where I pay money for ads. I know, it doesn’t sound like a better solution, but that’s what facebook conditioned us to do. The social network will not allow you to succeed without using their ad services.

Groups are far more engaging than your feed

Here’s one thing you can do, though: Post in groups.

Don’t let social media fans stay in social media

The content you post on social media should include a call to action to keep in touch with you. The best way is with a mailing list. Otherwise, you’re not getting anything out of the platform. Likes and shares are meaningless in the grand scheme of things — a new subscriber means the whole world. Although, not every group will allow you to post your mailing list registration link. You should post valuable content and then after there was a bit engagement, offer it in the comments section and let people come forward if they’re interested. When the decision to join your mailing list comes from them, they are more likely to engage with the content you send out.

Don’t let this happen to you too

Stop adding people you don’t know on Facebook. It will ruin the social experience for you. There are many different ways to share your creations online. You’re better off keeping your personal facebook account just the way it is — personal.

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