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Stop Writing For A Minute And Learn Editing

Because editing your writing on a professional level can change your life.

Yesterday, as I read Brian Rowe’s letter to his publication’s followers, I discovered there was a site called, which allows people to submit to magazines easily. I found it as Brian announced that one of his stories had been accepted and will appear in print.

Writing A Lot Is Not Enough To Be A Good Writer

I wrote about why people should edit their stories some time ago. That story was a reflection of things I had learned during writing on Medium since I joined in February and the stories that were curated vs. those that were not. Gosh, it’s been six months already.

Editing Is Essential

Editing is what turns coal to diamonds. Editing transforms a good piece of writing to perfect. Editing makes a message clearer.

I’m Only Competing With Yesterday

Every day people advance even a little bit in their journey. I mean, I’ve already seen some success from my writing. I interviewed someone I never thought I would and learned a whole lot from him, I got two significant publications to publish my articles, and I got my articles distributed in Medium topics dozens of times.

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