Open Letter to Brennan Lee Mulligan

Oren Cohen
2 min readJan 4, 2022

Hey, bud! It’s your freaking day over here on this side of the planet! Happy birthday!

I don’t speak for anyone but myself, but I’m hoping that the community will join me in wishing you all the very best in everything you do! Here are three things I want to thank you for doing that kept us on fire this year.

Let’s begin!

Dimension 20

Of course, we can’t begin this list without putting D20 right there at the top. You brought us into 2021 with The Unsleeping City chapter 2, then you brought us Mice and Murder, The Seven, and participated in Aabria’s hit, Misfits and Magic.

These seasons, among other seasons of D20 this year, were so fun to watch, and I’m sure they are escapes for many people who lead busy lives.

Thank you for giving us another world to escape to, even just for a little while.

Guest Playing On Other Campaigns

For me, your wildest performance this year was on Battle For Beyond. And while that season was fantastic, I’m sure there are other things you did that were equally amazing. I can only watch so much youtube with a full-time job, you know? But I’m so glad I did watch B4B, and I hope to catch up on the rest!

If anyone is inclined to comment on a different campaign they’d seen you in, I’d love if they share it in the comments :)

Purely Chaotic

This year, the tide has shifted a bit from being just about you to being about you and Izzy. Both of you are so talented, funny, and chaotic that I can probably find my jaw dropped in any performance of yours.

I genuinely wish Bigger will become a thing either on Dropout or wherever.

Thank you for being the best people on this planet.

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