One Thing You Should Do Every Time Things Don’t Work

No, it isn’t smiling.

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You’ve had a tough day, things broke and didn’t work the way you wanted.

Maybe you were hoping that some event would turn out some way, and it turned out a different way.

What do you do on those days? How do you deal with it?

Are you smiling? They say smiling makes you feel a little better, but I don’t believe in temporary solutions.

You’ll feel better for a few moments, and then you’ll go on with your life.

What did you learn from this experience? Nothing.

Perhaps you choose to do something else instead of smiling?

Maybe you’re distracting yourself.

Will you be watching a movie? Eating? Crying in your bed?

All great solutions to make the pain go away, but perhaps the pain shouldn’t go away. Perhaps it’s there to teach you something new.

By distracting yourself, you’re running away.

That’s not a good solution, either.

There is one thing better to do in those kinds of times.


Yes, you read that correctly. Write whatever it is that you’re feeling. Write why you think you’ve had that experience; how you feel; what you learned from that experience.

It doesn’t have to be publish-worthy, but you need to let it out even if it’s painful, tragic, etc.

By writing, you’ll allow your mind to process the information better and then come up with solutions to a problem.

You’ll feel better when you’ll describe your emotions in creative ways.

Don’t skip it or keep it in your chest. That’s not healthy.

Write what bugs you and let it out. Let your mind focus on the flow, and perhaps with it, some new bits of information will occur to you.

At some point soon, you’ll return to what you wrote with a fresh take. That wouldn’t be possible if you kept it in.

Don’t keep it in.

I’m doing precisely that to better understand myself and my recent failures. I hope it helps you, too.

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