No, Not Every Story Needs to Teach You Something

Sometimes it’s ok to vent.

Yeah, you read that right. By reading this article, you will learn to do anything different, you will learn about some new concept; you will that will enrich your life. I’m sorry, but these kinds of stories happen, too.

Sometimes, all you want is just to tell someone how much worse it makes you feel that you left work so late that you needed to cancel a date with your girlfriend.

Sometimes, you just want to yell it out how frustrating it is to have less than 10K words in a story you’re working on for NaNoWriMo by day 27 out of 30 because life gets in the way.

Sometimes, you just want to hug someone and let some tears flow because nothing seems to work out in life the way you want it.

Sometimes, you only want to be around someone who doesn’t judge you as you judge yourself in the mirror every morning.

Sometimes, you just want to take all of those to-do lists you handwritten or typed in your phone, and you want to throw them into the void because plans change as the weather and nothing gets done in your goddamned life.

Sometimes, you just want to stay in bed for the day because you haven’t had vacation — real vacation — in over a decade.

Sometimes, you just want to write about those things instead of making a How-To story or 5-Things that do X.

And that’s OK too.

Can I get a hug, please?

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