Is Your Uncomfortable Environment Killing Your Productivity?

Tweaking mine was the best decision I made since moving to this house almost three years ago.

I don’t think many of us pay attention to how we conduct our sedentary activities at home. When was the last time you checked your chair? Table? Keyboard? Does your mouse pad come with a gel bubble to put your wrist on?

For the last two years, I’ve been using a needlessly big table and an old metallic chair without even realizing how bad that chair has been for my health.

Here’s how it affected my life, my thought process for buying a replacement, and the results.

The Old Chair Wasn’t Good For Me

I couldn’t sit on it for prolonged amounts of time. Otherwise, it would have been hazardous for my lower back, my tail bone, and generally the overall feel.

One time I found myself taking my Macbook to my bed and working on it from the floor. That was spontaneous, but it shows you how uncomfortable I had felt. I guess at some point I developed an automatic withdraw when considering to sit on that chair.

It was also old, and the cushion that was supposed to support my behind was worn out and flat.

I’m also a big man. I can’t sit on just any chair. It’s not like if I chose a different chair, it would break or anything, but I still need a chair that supports my overweight body.

When we moved to this house, that chair was the only one I had available at the time. I was (am) also in financial problems, though now things are looking up. I couldn’t afford to buy a chair then.

I used what I had at the time. I kind of regret it because now that I think of it, a lot of the times when I couldn’t bring myself to the table and do some work was because I wasn’t comfortable. Think of all the words I could have written in two years if I had bought a chair when we moved to this house.

I Decided To Buy A New Chair

The new chair is basically the same model as the chair I have at the office. The reason for that is threefold:

  1. I preferred to buy something I’m familiar with instead of taking my chances with a chair I felt good sitting on for two minutes at the store.
  2. It was remarkably cheap, and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a chair.
  3. At the office, I sit on this same type of chair and work for long hours. My mind has associated that when I sit on this chair, It’s work time. I’m focused, sharp, and ready to work. I want the same benefits for when I work at home on my own projects, like NaNoWriMo, my courses, or my online community.

Those were the reasons for buying the new chair and for me it works. Pretty well, actually.

I should add that, of course, I had looked at other chairs as well. It’s not like I was locked to buying this one, and that’s it. I knew I wanted to purchase something excellent but familiar. At the same time, I was open to new suggestions. Perhaps there is a chair somewhere that is a lot better than the one I’m using?

In the end, I decided to buy what I was familiar with, but I’m still reserving the right to try a new chair sometime in the future.

The New Chair Fits With My Home Office

I longed to buy a new chair for a while now and finally, it happened. I couldn’t be happier! I’m not feeling sore sitting on it like the previous one, and I can adjust its height to fit the new table I have (which is a little shorter than my last colossal table).

I noticed that I could finally focus on what I’m doing and not on how comfortable I am.

I also found myself feeling good coming to the table to sit and work and not trying to take the laptop to work elsewhere like the floor.

My room is still small and stuffing the chair into it fits but takes up a little more space than the other metallic chair. I have a dream that one day, in my own home, I will have a study with my favorite books and a gorgeous wooden table with an excellent chair to sit on and work.

Until then, at least I can finally be more productive and get some goals crossed off.

It’s so important to have a comfortable chair to sit on! I hope that by reading this story, you woke up and evaluated your own work environment. Perhaps there is something you need to change in your workspace to feel more comfortable, and better productivity will follow because of that change. For me, it was literally replacing the chair I sit on.

Now you need to discover what it is for you.

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