I’m On The Precipice of Another YouTube Milestone

Oren Cohen
4 min readJul 1, 2022

Happy Friday to 833 geeks!

How are you doing?

The week is over, and I’m writing to you on a sunny Friday, sitting in a food court, drinking a yogurt shake with bananas and strawberries.

I love coming here as it gives me a therapeutic feeling of investing in my content creation side-hustle. When I work a full-time job, I easily disappoint myself with “I’m too tired to think, I’ll do it tomorrow before/after work.”

But I don’t work on Fridays, so it’s the perfect day to come and get some stuff done.

Here are a few examples of things I managed to do before starting to write this letter:

  • Getting my blog software updated to fix some bugs.
  • Adding a Topics page to my blog.
  • Doing some email work towards more interviews.

And now I’m getting this post done, too!

What are the tiny rituals that keep you going?

In any case, let’s talk about some more fun stuff, shall we?

Multiple Newsletters

With Ghost 5.0, I can create multiple newsletters. You are now on the (default) weekly newsletter. This means you’re getting emails only on Fridays from this blog.

If you wanted, you could now change your newsletter settings. I have added an “everything” newsletter which means you’ll get any post I press publish on. But if you wanted to change what you’re getting. You can do that through your settings!

Just head to your account page on the site and click on Manage Newsletters. Then it’s just a matter of ticking what you want!

New Interview With Brennan Lee Mulligan

This week I got to talk with my buddy Brennan Lee Mulligan about Critical Role’s Newest season: Exandria Unlimited: Calamity.

It was a fun interview and has already gained 29k views on YouTube! Fun fact: I edited and published it the same day we recorded it! You can watch it here:

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