I Fell In Love With This Productivity Hack

It changed my life for the better.

Something amazing is happening to me these last few days. I get done! This productivity streak has never happened before, and I think I know why it’s happening now.

In the past, I used to fail in tasks because they always seemed enormous and unattainable.

I would start a project, thinking about everything there was to do and abandon it at some point, overwhelmed.

I was always in a rush to do more and more, always be in the creative mindset that makes things. How was I to break out of this vicious maze? Searching for the exit just seemed like too much of a hassle.

I was tired, fatigued, sleep-deprived, and generally hated my life.

So I gave up.

Not just one or two projects. I gave up on all of it. I wanted to be free.

But we’re never free.

I definitely had less on my mind and was sleeping a little bit better at night. After a long-needed rest of a few days, I decided to start doing things differently.

Instead of doing things in big chunks, I decided to adopt mini-tasks, and I absolutely love!

For example, going to the gym is always a massive downer for me. My mind always tricks me into thinking that working out is at least an hour at the gym, and I never have that kind of time.

So, instead of preparing for something like that, I decided to break down my training to mini sessions. Today, I worked on my abs, back, biceps, and chest. No more than 30 minutes for all of it even if I’m waiting 1 minute between sets because I’m a newbie (returning).

I also started writing shorter pieces to allow myself to publish more. When I have a long article, I will share it, but I also want to become familiar with pressing that ‘Publish’ button every day.

Additionally, I have started taking 10–20 minutes of reading when I come back after work. It helps me clear my mind and make a brain-saving context switch between my workday of software code and my writing.

These short tasks also allowed me to start doing new things I haven’t been doing much — like cleaning my face in the morning with a pilling cream. Yeah, it helps. My facial skin looks like scorched earth. And it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

The other part of this new shift is not to overthink it. Do you want to go to the gym? Then go. Do you want to write something? Do it now.

The time to overthink a mini-task could easily eclipse the actual amount of time to finish it. Stay productive by not overthinking 5-minute tasks.

Another strategy I don’t use but perhaps motivate you is to keep a list of the things you already completed and then watching it every end of the day before bed. You will be pumped and surprised by everything you have accomplished.

Take action right now. You probably have in your vicinity at least 1–3 tasks waiting that take 5–10 minutes to complete. Don’t overthink it, start your productive vibe now and cross them off.

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Engineer, Dragon lover, and Blogger. He/Him. @theorencohen on Social Media. Visit my home: https://thegeekwriter.com

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