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I Didn’t Have a Computer Table For Two Weeks And It Was Surprisingly Enlightening

In a good way, I promise.

A bit more than a week ago, I posted about me replacing a closet and how it changed aspects of my life. When I replaced the closet in my room, I had to get my computer table out of it to make more space for a cabinet which held all of my books. Since that day, about two weeks ago, I remained without a table.

I Sat On The Floor a Lot

I’m a 235lbs man. Sitting on the floor is OK, but the real challenge was getting up. You’re probably asking yourself why I have been sitting on the floor in the first place. Well, because I didn’t have a table to sit by, I had to find another way to write. I wouldn’t just stop writing while I wait for a new table. So, I sat on the floor and put the computer on my bed so I could rest my arms while I write on my laptop. It was too noisy to write in the living room.

I Realized How Weak My Body Had Become

There was a time in my early twenties that I would have gone to the gym thrice a week even though it was thirty minutes away by bus. If I wasn’t going to the gym, I was waking up at 5.30 AM to do a short run around the neighborhood and then go and start my day.

I Went Through A Withdrawal From My PC

I used to come home almost every day, throw the bag somewhere and slump on my computer watching YouTube or playing something. During the first couple of days of not getting to the computer, I just sat on my bed looking at the new white closet and thought to myself: How am I going to spend my evening without a PC?

My Sleep Suffered

The first night after getting my computer away from the room was standard. I was devastated from all the moving work that I fell asleep almost right away. It was the second night on that I started to understand something was wrong with me. I couldn’t fall asleep as usual. After some tossing and turning, I finally managed to sleep.

I Bought a New Table

And I don‘t know how I feel about that. Will the new table put me back into my old ways? Will I continue to slouch my evenings away? I certainly don’t think that’s wise.

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