I Blew It With The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

And I don’t regret it.

Okay, I know what you’re all thinking — the most beautiful girl in the world?

We met through a friend

A friend of mine suggested to me that we meet for coffee and see how it goes. I don’t have her on Facebook, and her Whatsapp picture is not a selfie. I didn’t know how she looked. Then, she came out of the gate into the mall and walked straight to me. Her green eyes gazed right into my soul, and I blacked out on everything I wanted to say. I made an effort to think of what to say, and nothing came up. As we walked outside of the mall towards the cafe shop we planned to sit in, There were some awkward silences.

I was awestruck

The woman does not back off of a stare. As we progressed during the evening, there were multiple times where I would run out of things to say, and she wouldn’t make an effort to pick up the conversation and stare at me.

It all came crashing down

After I paid for our dinner, I suggested we go for a walk towards her bus station since I wanted to move so I can think better. She mistook it as a sign that I wanted to end the date early and I explained myself, but the damage was already done. The language felt more formal at that point like two acquaintances commenting about the weather.

The aftermath

This morning I sent her a good morning message at around 10 AM saying, “Hey, good morning! So, I’m self-aware and know I wasn’t my usual charismatic self yesterday, but just in case I didn’t get the right message across — I wanted you to know I had a lot of fun and I would love to meet with you again.”

Lessons learned

I think this is the first time in my life that I’ve been with such a beautiful moment and truly regretted not investing more in myself. Being fit would have probably added to my chances with her. I wouldn’t have had to rely solely on my wits. I would have had the benefit of attraction. Today with a beer belly and being overweight does not give me any bonus points.

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Engineer, Dragon lover, and Blogger. He/Him. @theorencohen on Social Media. Visit my home: https://thegeekwriter.com

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