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How To Transform Your Need To Write Into A Productive Endeavor

You feel the need to let it out — but what then?

There are days when all you want to do is write. You want to write something impressive, grandiose, everlasting. Congratulations — you feel the need.

An Emotional Rant?

You may have written about how Alex left you for that jerk and how it makes you feel, or maybe you wrote about your day, or how something has been bothering you for a while.

Write What Comes But Make It Helpful

You wrote about Alex — your significant other that left you for some jerk — and how it made you feel. Now, ask yourself, how is this going to be helpful to other people? It’s a harsh truth to accept, but nobody cares that Alex left you besides perhaps some close friends and relatives.

Edit And Review

The Power of Storytelling and writing is in the emotional component behind the words. When you make your reader feel something you are bringing them closer to you. They understand you better.

  1. Is my text giving them value? Do they learn something from me?

Share Far And Wide

You’ve created a piece that helps people. It isn’t a selfish request to ask people to share it with their friends.

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