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First off, thank you so much for reading! I appreciate it very much :)

The first comparison you made doesn’t take into account one thing: Day laborers and office contractors’ work is not considered addictive and unsafe for children. Also, it doesn’t influence people’s sexual choices in later life.

Work is work. This is, unfortunately, how our economy works. People pay money for our time and skills, and sometimes we don’t even know who they are.

You may have been lucky enough to work in the porn industry exploring a fetish in a positive way while satisfying your financial needs. Think about how many minds have been influenced by the content you or models like you have left behind. Think about how many people have not been as lucky as you were. How many models were truly abused to generate 5 minute videos that no one will ever watch. Or how many models make so little for the time they invest in porn on the internet.

There are young adults today that grew up watching porn and never explored their sexuality independently of the porn they were watching, and don’t find any reason to be in real-life human relationships. Instead they are in a relationship with their right hand.

Sure, there are people like you who appreciate the business since it truly helped them when they needed help. But that won’t erase everything that is bad with the Porn industry, unfortunately.

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