Fixing My Sleep Patterns — Days 9 and 10

I missed a day.

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The last couple of days were horrifying.

I was sick, work was exhausting, and I couldn’t get myself ready for NaNoWriMo. Today is November 1st, so of course, Nano starts today.

It’s a Friday, a very short day for me because I keep Shabbat. But perhaps it’s better this way. If I hit the ground running and manage to write 1500 words even on such a problematic day, I may find the motivation to succeed in doing that on regular workdays!

Here’s the selfie from yesterday that I took but didn’t publish, followed by the one from today:

Author’s Picture — Oct. 31st


Author’s Picture — Nov. 1st

I woke up today after around seven hours of sleep. Friday isn’t a workday here in Israel. But yesterday, I woke up at 5 AM after sleeping about five-six hours of sleep, and the annoying cough stayed with me for the entire day of almost 11 work hours. Exhausting. When I came home, I wanted nothing more than to binge on funny videos, which is precisely what I did for a few hours. A complete waste of time, but I guess I was completely burned out.

I guess we’ll have to see what this means for my NaNoWriMo’s efforts.

As always, tomorrow I’ll post an evening picture because of Shabbat. I’ll see you soon, and thanks for following this journey to a better night’s sleep!

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