Fixing My Sleep Patterns — Day 7

Wow, a week has passed!

It’s day 7 and that means I’ve been doing this challenge for a week. So proud of myself for being consistent about it!

I went to sleep at about 00:30 last night. I know, I should have gone to sleep earlier but I wrote a new piece which I just had to get out there.

I woke up at 7:00 and stayed in bed a little until 7:30. I’ll give myself 6.5 hours of sleep because that last half an hour doesn’t count.

Here’s my selfie:

Image for post
Image for post

Not seeing any visual improvement so far but I do feel a little better. I’ve also been sick these past few days. I still have a wet cough and it’s super annoying.

But here’s the kicker — I lost weight!

I haven’t changed anything about my eating habits by improving my sleep I finally moved beyond a plateau I thought was a wall I can’t pass.

I’m so fucking close to dropping my weight lower than 100kg again! I’m weirdly excited to see what Day 30 would look like. By being willing to monitor my sleep and making an effort to not sleep less than 7 hours a night — even if I sometimes fail — I do create a change in my body. As I’ve said in previous days, I think that lack of sleep is at the center of everything regarding our bodies.

We’ll see what the near future holds! Until the next report.

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