Fixing My Sleep Patterns — Day 6

Some nights you sleep eight hours, some nights you’re sick to your bone.

It’s 7:24 in the morning, and I had a terrible night. I don’t know what precisely happened to my body yesterday, but I have a pretty good guess.

My colleagues and I went to lunch yesterday and had a pretty good meal only that my coke tasted funny. To my surprise, it was past its expiry date, and I drank almost half a can. It tasted like gum or plastic. I never ate plastic, but that’s what it felt like in my mouth — an unnatural taste.

I didnt feel bad at first. But later on, during that day, I started coughing. Those were wet coughs. I thought I might be relapsing my virus from last week (I was sick for my entire holiday vacation — what a way to celebrate), but it wasn’t that. I didn’t have a running nose.

And finally, yesterday night, I had goosebumps, and I was genuinely cold. I finally was able to sleep after I took two pills, and used another bed sheet because I didn’t have a blanket at the ready. That was around 1 AM.

So, if we’re counting actual sleep time, I probably had around six hours.

Here’s my daily selfie:

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So, yeah, not expecting much improvement over here. But I have the rest of the week to make up for it. I’m not sick every day.

It’s incredible to me how this journey feels a lot like a roller coaster. Sometimes you succeed, and sometimes you fail. How do other people manage their sleep so much better than I do? Their eyes don’t look sunken and have black circles around them.

I wonder how my life would look like if I stopped drinking coke entirely. It’s an idea I mull over because obviously caffeine before bed is not good for you, but I never had a problem going to sleep after I drank coke.

It’s an idea I’ll be thinking over. Maybe after this week is over, I’ll expand the challenge to cover not only better sleep but life without coke (or at least not the amounts I drink).

Talk soon!

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