Fixing My Sleep Patterns — Day 5

Daylight Savings kicked in yesterday and saved my sleep.

It’s the second night in a row that I slept around seven hours a night or more.

I went to sleep last night at around 23:45. I published my report for Saturday earlier that evening. And today, I woke up at 6:00 (but stayed in bed and tried to sleep some more until 6:30).

Aside from the usual hours, I woke up to a late-night visit to the bathroom at 3:30.

Overall, it seems like I had around six hours of sleep, but actually, it was more like seven. Yesterday night at 2:00, Israel turned the clock back one hour. So effectively, I slept one more hour, making my total around seven.

I should’ve gone to sleep earlier, but at least I’ve managed to stay on the seven hours range.

Here’s the daily selfie:

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These are probably some of the nastier selfies I ever took. I’m starting to feel strangely okay with them being out there in the world. It’s a transformation, not a fixed state. I hope that a month from now, things will look different, and I would look back with joy on these first photos.

Talk soon!

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