Fixing My Sleep Patterns — Day 4

I can only keep this up!

So, I promised to update even though I was offline until the evening. So, today this picture is taken at 20:32. This isn’t a morning picture in any way.

But, I do think I see an improvement under my eyes a bit. They’re still nowhere like the eyes of people who sleep enough regularly but at least there’s some improvement. Here’s the selfie:

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Also, you’ll note that I have transferred my articles to a publication now. Welcome to Dragon Heart! This trend will continue for those I don’t add to the big pubs!

Last night I slept at around 23:30 after reading some of Brandon Sanderson’s book, . Now that he signed The Stormlight Archive books for me I weirdly want to read them again. Also, Stormlight 4 comes in 2020 so I need to be prepared at some point.

I woke up at 7:20 in the morning in preparation for the Shabbat prayer in my neighborhood’s synagogue. That is almost 8 hours of sleep for me. I feel good about that. I only need to keep it up!

Hopefully, tonight will be similar and tomorrow I’ll be telling you I’ve had a good night's sleep too!

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