Fixing My Sleep Patterns — Day 11 — The End

I’m starting to think it’s not the sleep that’s lacking — it’s my lifestyle choices.

I think this will be the last day for a while. During these 11 days, I tried sleeping more than seven hours a night and I realized that even when I did succeed, I didn’t feel much better the following day.

I’m dealing with something deeper. Maybe it’s my weight? The amounts of coke zero I drink daily? The lack of exercise or order?

There are many reasons that can contribute to my body living stressfully. Trying to fix just one thing when it is influenced by other things as well is a recipe for failure.

While I do need to sleep more, I need to do a makeover in my life. Maybe it starts with reflection on my life situation. My job, my financial status, my marital status, my dreams, faults, desires.

I have a lot of soul-searching to do, I guess. Part of that will let me sleep better at night.

Here’s my selfie for today, the last for a while:

No Success as of yet. Still black circled under the eyes. But I’m committed to helping myself understand and take better care of me.

Until next time, whenever it may be.

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