Can We Talk About The Anti-Semitism Thing?

Because another shooting happened In a synagogue during prayer. This time in California.

Oren Cohen
3 min readApr 30, 2019


Seriously, how come we’re not over hate crimes in 2019?

I’m not afraid to walk around Israel with a Kipa on my head. That’s who I am. I’m living in a somewhat religious lifestyle, keep Shabbat and eat only Kosher food.

But whenever I’m outside of Israel — I’m still afraid. There are people in this world who want to kill me based on what race or religion I belong to. So, instead of putting my Kipa on, I put on a hat.

Anti-semitism is so outdated. We don’t all have eagle shaped noses, hunched backs and find ourselves around shitloads of money. I’m dealing with lots of debt now.

The shooting happened in Poway, a city 20 miles north of San Diego. Fourteen shots were heard, and one woman — Lori Gilbert Kaye — was murdered by throwing herself in front of the Rabbi and taking a bullet that would end her life but save his. There is only one word to describe her: Hero. Three others were injured including a little girl, her uncle and the Rabbi.

The Rabbi, who got shot midsentence, continued his speech — bleeding — after the killer was dealt with.

This hate crime is horrifying. I’m thinking about my brother who lives in California with his family, and I’m terrified for them.

What could you possibly want to achieve by killing strangers? Revenge? On what?! What did they do to you?

I can’t understand it.

We don’t deserve to be judged by appearances. Judge us as human beings. Judge us as you would judge anyone else.

Someone should analyze some time what goes through the mind of someone who thinks shooting innocent people will make a difference in whatever distorted reality they are living in. No, you can’t kill all Muslims, Jews, gays, or whatever. If you can’t live in a world where people are different — find your own world. Preferably away from all of us.

Two years ago I visited San Francisco. I had a lot of fun seeing the sights. I got on a bus and heard two men talking about how there is so much hate in the middle east, and maybe a viable…



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