Can We Get The Neverwinter Nights Series Back, Please?

An Open Letter To Wizards of The Coast.

Hi, Wizards of the Coast!

“ Because nwn1 AND nwn2 were epic, I can play them over and over again…
But in the end, I need more, AND I feel a nwn3 would be truly amazing” — Vivianna

“I love the 3.5 rules! Also, the toolset allowed players to build their own worlds and set them up on the server. It never got old as you could enter a new world anytime you wanted.” — Derek

“ Because the first two games were simply epic and no matter how many years have passed, we still need more!!” — Manos

“Because we need a good D&D singleplayer PC game. And I trust Larian with Baldur‘s Gate III, I still want more Neverwinter tales. *rolls persuasion check*” — Mandi

On a whim, I rolled for him. He got a Nat 20.

Image for post
Image for post
Author’s image. Honor Mandi’s Nat 20.

“Because NWN 2 was one of the best games ever.” — Marko

“We need a Neverwinter Nights 3 because anything worth doing is going to be difficult. It’s difficult to build a game with all the features, storytelling and overall quality that gamers demand.

Yet, when the effort is put in, the end result is always worth it. We want an amazing game, a game better than the ones we have been getting.” — Michael

“Classic RPGs like nw1 and 2 simply aren’t made anymore and there is a huge fan base waiting to spend their money” — Byron

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