And perhaps not. There are a lot of presumptions in your response: That I think I discovered something new, that I think this is more important than anything else, that if I’m worried about this, I should try fixing entirely different things…

I don’t know what you think you read, but that is different than what I wrote, and that’s my fault. I own it.

I don’t think this is more important than anything else. Porn is 7200 years old, so no, I don’t think I discovered something new.

It is true that many people cried wolf about porn in the past. For the most part, they were exaggerating, I agree.

The point my story was supposed to deliver across was that we might enjoy porn and the porn industry truly changed the world, but that comes at a price that we will have to pay — even if we don’t see the price tag now.

A good friend of mine was a model in the industry for some tough several years of her life, and she told me she doesn’t think she can have a healthy relationship now. These are things you don’t hear about in the news or the public spaces — it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. This story was written because of her, or rather, for her.

Thanks for reading anyway.

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