Achievement Unlocked: 2000 Subscribers on YouTube

Oren Cohen
6 min readJul 8, 2022
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Happy Friday to 834 geeks! Welcome back to another Geek Letter!

It’s another sunny day and I’m back at my favorite spot drinking my favorite shake and writing to my favorite people — YOU!

As you might have understood from the title, today’s a happy day. I have reached 2000 YouTube subscribers this week and there’s cause for celebration. But I also want to take you on a journey of dealing with the darker parts of this achievement.

Let’s begin, shall we?

New Schedule for the YouTube Channel

After I reached 2000 subs on YouTube, I decided to start an experiment with content-focused days. Here’s the new schedule:

  • Tuesday — Creator Interview.
  • Wednesday — Content Creation Tip.
  • Thursday — Nerdy Review.

No Nerdy Review This Week

This week I skipped the nerdy review in favor of a poll. So far, it’s doing well and I guess next Thursday I’ll publish a review of The Way of Kings:

This Week’s Creator Interview

This week, the interview was with Scott Niswander. An amazing nerd and one of my favorite humans on the planet. We talked about content creation, the struggles on the creative journey, branding, Scott’s secrets, and more!

Check it out here:

This Week’s Content Creation Tip

This week, I decided to start with one tip I heavily use and share my process of creating YouTube thumbnails with Canva:

State of The Interviews

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