A TikTok Prank Reveals We’re Far From Done With Anti-Semitism

Someone went on people’s TikTok live streams and told them they look Jewish. Their responses are horrifying.

Today I scrolled through TikTok a little too much. I like how TikTok shows me Stitches and duets, and if I like them, then during the scroll, the algorithm would also present the original video.

But, some new videos would pop up on my ‘for you’ page from time to time. Like this one:

Rivka’s TikTok

And, although this was probably meant as a prank, the results were far from funny.

“I’m gonna block you” was the common response from most people in this video. Why is that? I wish I had an answer.

But then you also get responses like, “is it because of my nose?” That’s plain racist.

Do you know what’s sad? This isn’t even the only racist and anti-semitic responses I see on TikTok. The platform is full of it.

I can’t even describe how it feels to know that some people find my ethnicity offensive.

I concur that labeling, in general, is a bad idea. You don’t want to assume an Asian person’s nationality based on their appearance. So, while I feel like the video's premise was a bad move, it resulted in some interesting insight that people may need to confront within themselves.

So, tell me: if someone would have told you that you look like you belong to a specific ethnicity, would that be offensive to you? Would you try to explain it? Would you feel attacked?

Also, don’t tell me it’s offensive to share and write about this issue because these people expressed these views on their live streams in front of hundreds if not thousands of people. They are responsible for the messages they send to their audiences. If you disagree that they need to be called out — you’re part of the problem.

Do better.

That’s enough social media for me today.

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