A Decade of Gaming And So Many Missed Opportunities

A reflection on the 2010s and how they shaped who I am today — a gamer who finds sparks of light in complete darkness.

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“Know Where You Came From and Where You Are Going.” — Rabbi Akavia, Mishnah ‘Avot’

I don’t want to go over the mistakes of this decade again. The 2020s should be my decade to shine.


The start of a new decade is always a good motivator. I got released from the army at the beginning of 2009, and I planned for 2010 to be the start of my academic journey towards a degree in Computer Science.


Becoming a fully-fledged writer wasn’t something I considered in 2011. I did need to write and express myself. I didn’t know how to do it yet.


I had high hopes when 2012 came along. As usual, I didn’t make any significant changes in my life before it arrived.


I couldn’t do it.

“The worst part about having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don’t.” — Arthur, Joker 2019

And I would say that people don’t know what to expect. I certainly didn’t. I’m grateful for the experience.


It feels like the years leading to 2014 were part of one giant fall. 2014 was the year where I thought I’m finally starting to rise back up after hitting the ground, even if ever so slowly.


Is it crazy that 2015 seems so far away now?


It was only three years ago, but so much had happened since then.


There’s a saying that the things you’re afraid of will come true.


I felt like 2018 was a year on the rise. I got promoted within the company to write business code instead of automation code, I had been sharing my writing online, and I had even considered writing a book.


As previously mentioned, 2019 was the year I published my first course on Udemy. In February, when I realized that making money from courses online is maybe a little too much for me at the moment, I decided to invest more in my English writing.

The 2020s

I honestly don’t know what the future will hold. I do know I have some pretty important goals I want to achieve as soon as possible. Also, I have some other goals that will stretch across this decade:

  1. Get married and have kids — One aspect of everything you read so far was that I did it all alone. It was only me against the world. At 32, I’m becoming lonelier than usual, and I think it’s time I settled down and found my half. She would be my partner in all goals to come. I also want kids so bad. I have nieces and nephews, and frankly, the only reason I wouldn’t have kids right now would be my financial status. Kids are expensive. But, as mentioned, eliminating debt is also a priority.
  2. Get my fantasy world published — I already have my first preorder set up on Amazon. I have an entire series just waiting to happen. I prefer to get some books published in the early years of this decade.

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Engineer, Dragon lover, and Blogger. He/Him. @theorencohen on Social Media. Visit my home: https://thegeekwriter.com

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