Before creating content, let’s examine how we consume social media and learn from it.

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So, you decided. You now want to analyze and share your thoughts about Mass Effect’s inter-galactic politics in a series of blog posts. And where do you go to share it? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

How can you do that effectively? I mean, of course, you can use tags and reach at least some of these people. But where do they hang out? Where do you hang out?

And more importantly, how can we make them care?

Let’s go over a few platforms and how to share your content effectively.


Suppose you’re highly engaged in the conversation around your niche. In that case, you will find Reddit to be a great place to share videos or articles you authored and receive some incredible feedback. …

Want to open a blog but don’t have the time or money to invest in it? Here are three options to consider.

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You’ve been playing games or reading some books, and you want to share your passion with the world. The problem is that you’re on a tight budget and don’t have either the time or the money to start a personal blog.

What options are available to you? Here are three platforms that you can start from without too much hassle or investment.


Starting an account on Medium is free. You don’t have to pay a single penny to start publishing there.

Medium itself is also a great source of targeted traffic. You can write on different topics if you want, and Medium will refer readers interested in those topics to your article. …

What can we learn from examining KallMeKris’s journey and success on TikTok? She amassed 15 million followers in nine months.

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TikTok saw an influx of new people joining the app from the beginning of the Pandemic in March of 2020. I joined in April after seeing more and more people in my circles join and start making videos. But I didn’t join to become famous. I joined because it seemed fun, and there’s always something more personal about video than writing.

There’s nothing like the real deal of seeing a loved one in person, but video content comes a lot closer than blog posts, tweets, or photos on Instagram.

As I spent more time on the platform and genuinely enjoyed seeing new people, I noticed this blonde girl appear more and more on my ‘for you’ page. …

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It’s a beautiful sunny Friday here in Tel Aviv. We’ve had fluctuating amounts of rain during the week, and we end it on a high note.

It’s funny to me how the world can be so different, only thousands of kilometers apart. While I enjoy the sun and clear skies here in the Middle East, many people celebrate Christmas day (or late eve if you’re on the west coast timezone) worldwide. Snow, cuddles, and presents are common. Hot cocoa, eggnog, and other holiday foods are abundant.

Perhaps more than anything — the holiday season is a time of giving and enjoying family and friends. …

An update about The Geek Writer’s creative direction.

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Fifteen years ago, when I was eighteen years old, I founded several forums on the internet. Back then, a forum was as vibrant a community as today’s Facebook group and Discord channels.

I didn’t know why I wanted to do it. Maybe it was the innate sense of community and belonging that burns within any human being? Perhaps I wanted to feel what it was like to surround yourself with a community that you build in your own two hands? Whatever it was — it wasn’t about making money online back then.

I was passionate about creating a forum about StarCraft, the game I used to play all the time as a teen. I wanted to share hand-made campaigns, story theories about Kerrigan — The Queen of Blades — and much more. I wanted to be heard — something I believe you can relate to. …

The trilogy that affected millions of people over so many years is coming back refreshed. Should you grab it?

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Last Saturday, on N7 Day (Nov. 7th), Bioware announced that Mass Effect: Legendary — a remaster of the original trilogy with all DLC — is coming soon in Spring 2021. Which probably means a March release.

In this essay, I will explore my feelings about Mass Effect and present my reasons for why I am, ultimately, going to grab Legendary when it comes out.

The first Mass Effect game I played was Mass Effect 2. …


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