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5 Life Lessons From Managing A Volatile Facebook Group

1. Being an admin sucks.

About six months ago, I started a facebook group for writers. Some of you may know it as Medium Dreamers. To my amazement, that name has spread pretty far. Managing a Facebook group requires Leadership, Vision, Communication Skills, and calmness of mind to hear people out. Aside from that, a good admin should also be inclusive to people from different backgrounds and ways of life.

1. Being An Admin Sucks

About six years ago, a Facebook group was opened in Israel for geeks. As a geek myself, I envied that group’s leaders so much. I thought to myself, “wow! I could make some new connections, and share my stuff with people!” I’ve been so naive.

2. You Can’t Make Everyone Happy

No one solution makes everyone happy. When two people fight on the groups ‘premises’ and demand you to ban the other, you don’t have a solution that will appease both.

3. Facebook Groups Can’t Be 100% Positive

Medium Dreamers has been at the center of more than one controversy in its short time of existence. Everyone familiar with the cases knows how complicated they were.

4. Managing a Facebook Group is Not a Democracy

Many members sometimes forget or completely ignore the fact that a Facebook group is a closed space that adheres to specific rules made by its creator (aside from Facebook’s Community Standards, which define the code of conduct in the Facebook space itself).

5. You’re Nothing Without Great Moderators

I’m so lucky to have three fantastic moderators. I want to give them a little shout out here: Zita Fontaine, Luke Wiese, and Brianna Bennett ✨. Remember this: Your moderators have different perspectives; they see more than you and understand members probably better than you do, too.

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