3 Changes To Make To Your Amazon Product Reviews On Your Blog To Make More Affiliate Sales


Every Beginner Blogger knows Amazon Associates. It’s the most straightforward Affiliate Program to join and is also the path of least resistance because Amazon is widely known and trusted by many clients.

But if you want to make sure your reviews drive more sales, here are three changes you need to make. Let’s Go!

Make Personalized Footage

99% of all Amazon Products are shown in front of a white background with no context. If you buy a shoe, you don’t see how it looks on someone’s foot. And this is a problem many people face when purchasing things online.

If you make personalized images or videos of your amazon purchases, you could be the 1% where people find out how their future purchase looks on another human being.

Talk About Your Experience Using The Item

Everyone can read a list of features on the product description page. You don’t need to reiterate them in a blog post.

People do need answers to common questions like those raised in the Q&A section of a product or the experience of using the product. Think about it this way: People would be more interested to know how the shoe feels on your foot instead of reiterating what materials it’s made of.

Review Products That Make Sense For You

If you’re reviewing random products off amazon and not in a specific niche, you’re probably not making a lot of money. But if you already create content in a particular niche, there are things you buy online that make sense. For example, if you’re a YouTuber, it makes sense for you to review a new camera. If you’re a developer, it makes sense to review a piece of software or a new laptop.

What changes will you make from now on?



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